Jerusalem Marathon and Beyond

Every March, the Jerusalem Marathon attracts runners from all over the world, with 30 thousand participants competing in full, half, 10k, and 5k races. Running in a city of 3000 years of history is a unique experience for any competitor. Jerusalem is a hilly city, and the challenging course includes a 500 meter (1500 ft) elevation gain. The course passes by ancient sites such as Mount Scopus, David Tower, and within the walls of the old city. It includes fixtures of modern Israel, including the Knesset (Israel’s parliament building), the President’s house, the Hebrew University, the colorful Machane Yehuda Souk and more.

Jerusalem is located about one hours drive from Tel Aviv on a mountain range at 900 meters above sea level. During the hot and humid summer months, Jeruslame affords runners a dryer and slightly cooler climate. Trail runners find respite running in the hills surrounding Jerusalem, on 4×4 and single track trails that are often shaded by pine trees. Along these running routes one often encounters ancient ruins, religious edifices, and springs.

One of the most thrilling trail running experiences in the Jerusalem is the “spring Trail”, which passes through several watering holes with clear, cool water to chill in during or after a sweaty run. There’s nothing quite like it.

Just an hour to the southeast of Jerusalem is the Judean Desert and the Dead Sea. Running in the lowest place on earth (420 meters / 1400 feet below sea level) is a unique and invigorating experience. The Judean desert is scarred by several amazing gorges running from west into the dead Sea, and experiencing a flash flood in one of them (at a safe distance) is a true learning experience of the forces of Mother Nature. There are many running trails in and around these canyons, some are extremely technical.

If you’re visiting Jerusalem for the Marathon, or for any other reason, consider taking a few days to explore the trails surrounding the city. We’ll be happy to guide you on an unforgettable run, whether a few hours, or a multi-day tour.